Ръчна дърворезба, уникати от дърво и иконостаси с послание за спокойствие и непреходност

My conscious life began and goes on around the counter with chisels. After all these years of continuous meetings with wood, the calmness became my aspiration and lifestyle. That is why each wood-carving I make naturally carries peace. This is my way to do it and my message in our hectic world.

Besides, I am trying to suggest that wood-carving brings presence. It is not just a decoration or expression of certain taste. Real hand-made carving gives the home more warmth and coziness, especially, if it carries the fund of those moments that fill artist's life with spirituality.

I find inspiration most often in open air. The nature tells me ideas for different forms, and wood-carving is a way to touch the nature, even when we have separated ourselves from it.

Frequently, meeting people can be inspiring too. Someone's feeling or desire inspires a new idea I can make out of wood. Do not hesitate to contact me even if you do not have any specific idea. We could find it together. It is enough, if you feel convinced in hand-made wood-carving special presence. Thereafter, my task will be to shape your desire.